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Proudly Canadian.

At Pámecare, we take pride in crafting our products on Canadian soil. Our commitment to Canadian-made goods supports local businesses and ensures that our products meet the highest standards of quality.

Refillable Packaging.

We believe that sustainability is key to creating a better world for ourselves and future generations. That's why we offer refillable packaging options for our products. Enjoy your favorite scents without sacrificing your commitment to the environment.

Luxurious Scents.

Our signature scents are designed to take your senses on a journey. Each fragrance is carefully crafted with multiple layers, creating a complex and luxurious aroma that will help you stand out from the crowd. Don't just settle for ordinary scents.


Premium products that challenge the status quo.

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Sick of ordinary hand sanitizer?


Our hand sanitizers are all premium and contains 10X the amount of ingredients as compared to ordinary hand sanitizers; offering you a much superior experience! They contain aloe vera, glycerin, castor oil, vitamin E, and rich sophisticated fragrances . That's a premium blend of good sh*t that keeps your hands smelling great, non-tacky, and moisturized.

Dare to be yourself? Unique scents that express you.

For the Adventuruos & Inqusitive

Cedar Forest

You decide to go on an early morning hike in the forest after a long rainy night. The forest is glowing from the sun hitting the morning dew. Squirrels scurrying and scampering about, birds chirping a serene melody. Making your way through the forest you feel a sudden breeze that carries a pleasant musky scent. That scent is the smell of Cedar Forest.


For the Sweet & Peppy

Fig Rhubarb

On a sunny Sunday morning you head out to your favorite farmer's market. You make your way in and you are delighted by how colorful and lively it is! Nothing unusual for a farmer’s market on any given Sunday though. You notice a particular crowding at one of the stands from afar. You curiously head over to check it out. Turns out that there’s a Sunday morning special on fresh homemade fig rhubarb marmalade. You’ve never tried the mixture of both; however, you like each separately. You decide to go for the Sunday special and you immediately realize what a great choice you made as soon as you get a smell of that luscious Fig Rhubarb scent.


For the Relaxed & Mellow

Lavender Fields

You decide to go for a picnic on a beautiful sunny morning, late Spring. You have your favorite book and snack with you as you head over to your favorite park. You settle down at the perfect spot of shade under a huge maple tree. At a distant, you notice vast fields of lavender blossoming. After 15 minutes of reading, you start dozing off as you indulge in the floral aroma of lavender. Such a delicate and soothing scent that of Lavender Fields.


For the Active & Competitive

Sport Pro

You’re an all-star athlete getting ready for a big game. You go out there and get your game on! It’s a very close game, and everyone in the audience is growing anxious! Into the final few seconds, you go all out, and snatch the victory for your team! The crowd goes wild! After celebrating your victory with your fans, you head back to the locker room with your team. You all hit the showers and you’re the last one to come out. As you’re drying up you notice this strong fresh scent. You take in a deep breath of that scent. A scent that always reminded you of victory. The scent of Sport Pro.


For the Dreamy & Reminiscent

Golden Amber

You’re sitting at the beach on a Summer evening just about to catch the sunset. You're roasting marshmallows when a gentle ocean breeze passes by, caressing your skin and triggering you to reminisce about a happy memory. The ocean breeze, the roasting marshmallows and your happy memory fuse all together into a single scent. The scent of Golden Amber.


For the Mysterious & Sophisticated

Tobacco Leather

You walk into a busy business lounge on a Monday morning. At the far-right corner, you spot a senior gentleman sitting on a large brown leather sofa chair. He just put out his Cuban cigar and is preparing to leave. As soon as he does. you go and grab his spot. As you settle down, you catch a whiff of a distinct yet familiar scent. You're not quite sure what it is, however, you like it! This is exactly what Tobacco Leather smells like.


For the Cool & Collected

Mystic Oud

You’re on an expedition in the Sahara desert when the nighttime hits. You find a small oasis amidst the serene desert where you decide to settle for the night. You light a fire with some sandalwood that you are carrying. Looking up to the sky, you notice that it’s a full moon. Suddenly, a shroud of mist covers the oasis carrying with it a distinct floral scent. This scent gracefully fuses with the scent of the slow burning sandalwood producing Mystic Oud.


For the Warm & Fiery

Royal Oud

You’re on an odyssey trekking through the serene Sahara desert under the scorching sun. You suddenly spot a distant silhouette of someone walking towards an outline of what seems to be a castle. That mysterious silhouette is holding a lighted incense stick that’s giving off a distinct woody amber scent. Intrigued by the scent, you decide to pursue what seems to be a sure reality only to discover that it was nothing but a mere illusion. Baffled by the desert mirage, you know that scent you experienced had to be real though. The Royal Oud scent.


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