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Should Children Use Hand Sanitizer At School?

Should Children Use Hand Sanitizer At School?

Hand sanitizer in primary and secondary schools should be a necessity. Not only does it promote good hand hygiene, but it can help keep schools clean. Think about how often your child may touch a desk, door handle, or outdoor debris. Germs and bacteria can easily spread without the proper precautions in place. 

So to answer the question… Yes! Children definitely need to use hand sanitizer in schools. And here’s why. 

Increased Attendance 

Parents most likely do not want their child going to a school 5 days a week if it is unsanitary. By installing hand sanitizing systems throughout a school, you can ensure children and parents feel safe in the environment. And, you can increase attendance records since you are keeping your facilities clean. You can even provide children with their own hand sanitizer at the beginning of the school year to ensure they have access to their own. 

More Engaged Students 

When children are in a tidy environment, they will not be distracted and will be more engaged. Many children may become distracted by messiness or by the idea of germs being spread. This can promote a better learning environment and more knowledgeable students. You may also find that children are more at ease and cooperative at school as a result. 

Less Sicknesses

Hand sanitizer’s job is to kill bacteria. When there is less bacteria in a school, the spread of germs and viruses is less likely. Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic ending, it is important to keep children, teachers, and staff healthy when at school. And, you don’t want to risk having to keep many children home for school for extended periods of time to recover from any flu bugs. So simply sanitizing your hands throughout the day can prevent any illnesses from travelling throughout a school. 

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