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5 Myths About Hand Sanitizer

5 Myths About Hand Sanitizer

For a while now, there has been a lot of talk about hand care - specifically hand sanitizer. There are many facts out there that have been misinterpreted and it's important to be educated. 

Hand sanitizer isn't going away, if anything, it's the new normal; so let's debunk some common myths!

Myth 1: All hand sanitizer dries out your hands

Not all hand sanitizer dries out your hands. While there are hand sanitizers that don't use any moisturizing ingredients, we use 4! Our hand sanitizer are made with premium ingredients including Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Vitamin E and Castor Oil, all making sure your hands are moisturized and soft! 

Myth 2: Hand sanitizer works as well as soap and water

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are really convenient as they kill a large number of germs when you're on the go. However, unlike using soap and water to wash your hands, hand sanitizer doesn't get off the dirt and grime that accumulates on your hands throughout the day. 

Myth 3: All hand sanitizer smells awful

While there are many hand sanitizers that have a strong smell of alcohol or other odd smells, we pride ourselves on having very unique scents that feel more like a perfume than a hand sanitizer! 

Myth 4: Hand sanitizer also gets rid of the good bacteria on your hands

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers reduce illness-causing germs. While it can kill off the "good germs", those quickly grow back. 

Myth 5: Hand sanitizer doesn't need to be applied all over your hands

In order for the hand sanitizer to be effective, it does need to be applied all over your hands. It's important to rub it in until your hands are dry before touching anything. A quarter size amount of hand sanitizer should be enough to cover both of your hands. 


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