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Are Gel Hand Sanitizers Beneficial?

Are Gel Hand Sanitizers Beneficial?

Four or five years ago you probably didn't think much about hand sanitizers. Now you probably have half-a-dozen different types in your home. But do you know the differences between them?

Each hand sanitizer has its own formula for cleaning your hands. But they can also be in different forms, including liquid and gel hand sanitizers.

It helps to understand the implications of different formulas and formats of hand sanitizer. Why? Because the difference can affect your health.

3 Benefits of Gel Hand Sanitizers

If you had to choose between liquid sprays and gel hand sanitizer, go with the gel. Here's why:

1. A Little Goes a Long Way

Gel is more stable than liquid. That means it stays where you put it. For hand sanitizers, that means 100% of the gel you put on your hand stays on your hand. For the average adult hand, a dime-sized dollop of gel is enough to sanitize your entire hand.

Conversely, much of the liquid in spray sanitizers is lost in the spray action and some of it evaporates too. 

2. Faster Application

On quick squeeze, and you get all the gel sanitizer you need. With liquid sanitizers maybe you need a couple sprays. Maybe some spills and you need another squirt. In any case, it's faster to apply gel hand sanitizer.

3. Gel Protects More of Your Hand

Any part of your hand that isn't wiped with sanitizer is just as susceptible to germs and viruses on it as if you didn't use any sanitizer. Sprays have been found to not reach as much of your hand as gels. This is partly due to the speed at which liquid sprays evaporate, often before you have time to cover your entire hand.

For more information on protecting yourself with hand sanitizer, check out our artticle When Should You Use Hand Sanitizer?


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