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Should You Use An Unscented Hand Sanitizer?

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Many personal hygiene products, like soaps, shampoos and sanitizers, are scented for two reasons. First, we like to smell nice and, secondly, the smell makes us feel clean - or at least more hygienic - so it gives us more of an impression that the product is doing what it's supposed to do

But not everyone likes or can use scented products. For them, unscented varieties are not only preferred, but they may be necessary to avoid a number of issues.

Our use of hand sanitizers has increased exponentially during the pandemic. In many cases, like entering a healthcare facility, hand sanitizer use is a requirement.

That makes it more difficult to avoid some scented sanitizers. Even many unscented, or fragrance-free sanitizers have a heavy odour of alcohol, which is the main active ingredient of sanitizers. 

Fortunately, there are truly unscented, fragrance-free hand sanitizer that have no noticeable odour. And here are just some of the benefits of using them.

No Artificial Ingredients

Regardless of whether you are OK with scents and odours, you may not want the added artificial ingredients it takes tp create them. While some sanitizers use natural scents, most do not. In addition to many of those artificial ingredients not being good for you, their use is also not good for the environment.

No Smell At All

Truly unscented hand sanitizer shouldn't just eliminate added fragrances, but also the odours of the ingredients, like alcohol. For those who have a sensitivity to odours, the pleasure of finding a hygiene product that has absolutely no smell can be indescribable. 

Better for Your Skin

Especially if you have sensitive skin, the chemicals used in the added fragrances of your hand sanitizer can cause problems for your skin. This can include dry skin, skin irritations and even rashes.

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