The Importance Of Recycling Properly

The Importance Of Recycling Properly

Packaging is practically unavoidable in life. It protects products, pro-longs them, and even enhances them through marketing materials.

If you think about it, how many times have you opened a package and thought, "wow, that was unnecessary packaging"? This happens too often. Packaging for the most part is viewed as unnecessary waste, and it unfortunately ends up that way too. 

An issue in today's world is that many people are not educated on how to properly recycle. Packaging is often thrown out incorrectly, which results in these remains ending up in landfills and will take years, even decades to decompose. 

Recycling is crucial if we want to heal our planet for future generations. Recycling begins at home. Think about making use of packaging for something new instead of throwing it away; that is still considered recycling. 

Reduce, reuse, recycle; we have all heard this phrase thousands of times since we were children, but it is so important. When we think of recycling, we should really be thinking about the whole idea. We have treated our earth poorly, and it is time to make a change. 

You might be thinking, "I recycle, but how can I make a bigger difference?". Keep reading to find out.

Be aware of the symbols on your packaging

We may not notice, but recycling has completely evolved. Decades ago, recycling was relatively easy. People would separate their plastics and jars from their garbage, but as new materials and packaging enter the market, recycling is becoming more difficult. On top of new materials, there are different rules from one city to another. Every product should have a series of symbols that guide you on how to properly recycle your packaging. It can be difficult to know what goes where, but if you properly recycle, you are contributing to a healthy eco system. 

Avoid the use of plastic

We use so many one time materials that just get thrown out right after use such as water bottles, food packaging, and plastic packaging. There are great options for reusable products these days, such as these reusable ziploc bags. Replace your plastic water bottles and plastic containers with reusable ones to cut down on the use of plastic. 

Plastic bags are a big cause of ecological problems. Ditch the store plastic bags and bring your own reusable bags. Plastic bags take hundreds of years to decompose and pose a particular threat to wildlife. Many animals face danger as they mistake plastic bags coated in chemicals for food. Whether you like to shop with plastic, paper, or canvas, try to reuse your bags as much as possible. 

Buy items that use recycled packaging and reduce your packaging use

There are so many companies transitioning to be using recycled packaging, or even selling recycled products. Buying recycled products or supporting the use of recycled packaging provides the recycling industry a huge boost in awareness. 

When you are at the grocery store, are you aware of how much packaging you are buying? When shopping, try to bring your own bags and even produce bags with you to reduce the amount of plastic you are bringing home. 

Recycling serves two purposes; it avoids landfills and assists in reducing air and water pollution, and secondly, valuable materials such as plastic, glass, and aluminum can be reused and not wasted. 

What are we doing as a company? 

We, Páme Care have taken the initiative to create our products using sustainable packaging. Our hand sanitizer bottles are made of aluminum which can be reused, refilled, and recycled. As we create new products, we as a company are committed to changing this world for the better by introducing green & environmentally sustainable products. 

With a strong goal to promote green living and saving the planet, our hope is to reach and influence households to not only use environmentally sustainable products manufactured from naturally derived materials, but to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Páme Care is committed to the contribution of sustainable and natural living. We care about you and the planet, that’s why we’ve designed Páme Care using an eco-friendly approach. The planet will thank you for using Páme Care! 


Be mindful of your impact on the environment. Pay attention to the items you buy and take into consideration of how much packaging is used, as well as what kind of packaging. We all have to do our part to make a considerable change to our planet. 

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